Public Speaking Masterclass with Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE

Public Speaking Masterclass with Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE
It will be held at University College, London on Thursday Feb 20th, 2014.

This event is for women in science, engineering, technology, medicine and a wide range of expert and specialist fields, from undergraduate to professor level.  Maggie will be leading the day of interactive training and on-camera practice with award-winning science TV producers Screenhouse. “The presentation by Maggie was truly inspirational and informative. Her outstanding public speaking masterclass helps to raise the profile of women in science” (Professor Pratibha Gai, University of York)

Limited STFC bursaries are available on application for qualifying women.

For more information please contact
or call 0113 225 1218
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Become a Social Entrepreneur

King’s College London has partnered with UnLtd, the leading provider of Social Entrepreneurs in the UK, to provide opportunities for social enterprise development and initiation to academics and students within the institution. This partnership launched in January 2014 for the first round of Awards, however, we are delighted to announce the second round Awards for the Spring.

The competition comprises of two awards:

Try it awards:
This Award will provide an opportunity for individuals not yet used to managing large sums of money or planning larger projects. The funding will enable individuals to progress at their own pace with the right support to develop confidence and the entrepreneurial skills they will require to take on larger projects.

The prize for this award is up to £500.

Do it awards:
Awards are made to exceptional individuals who have the potential to bring about social change. Generally made at a very early stage when either the person is at the start of their entrepreneurial journey or their venture is in its infancy.

The prize for this award is typically £2,500.

The deadline for all competition entries is Friday 16th May 2014. For further information, please visit

For highlights from the Social Entrepreneurship Competition Launch featuring ; Cliff PriorChief Executive of UnLtd, Sophi TranchellManaging Director at Divine Chocolate Ltd, Rob Wilson and Co-director of Ashoka UK, please click the following link:

Researcher Mentoring Programme

Programme Description
The Graduate School’s Researcher Development Unit is inviting applications for a new Researcher Mentoring Programme that will run in early 2014. The Programme aims to support researchers in establishing and developing a supportive relationship with a mentor.

What is a mentor?
A mentor is a more experienced person with whom you can discuss and explore your career, professional development and other related issues outside of your usual line management/ supervisory relationship.

Aim of the programme
In three sessions over a period of four months this programme will introduce participants to the idea and benefits of being within a mentor/ mentee relationship, and help them to identify what they would like to gain from their mentor. Participants will be provided with advice on ways to identify and approach a suitable mentor. They will also receive on-going support throughout the mentoring process.

Researchers are able to choose mentors from different Schools within King’s as well as mentors from other Universities or from outside of academia.

The programme comprises three sessions over four months:
Monday 3rd March 1-4pm
Monday 31st March 1-4pm
Monday 23rd June 1-4pm

The programme is open to researchers of all disciplines who are within 10 years of the start date of their PhD

Application deadline : Friday 31st January 5pm
There are limited places available on this programme and participants will be informed whether their application was successful by Friday 14th February

To apply for a place on this course, please complete the online application form.

Developing Your Online Presence

A guest post by Dr. Mark Dawson – E-learning Development Advisor

Almost everyone has some kind of online presence – whether it’s an email account or something more substantial like a blog or website. In terms of both academic and professional careers, a good online presence is becoming increasingly important, offering ever more innovative opportunities for collaboration, research and networking, as well as for re-thinking what these activities might mean. A good online presence – on social networking platforms such as Linkedin – is also becoming more and more essential in terms of our careers, with recruiters targeting these sites as an ever more efficient way to match the right person to the right job.

According to Martin King ‘2.3 billion people were online at the end of 2011(33% of all humanity) and by 2020 it is expected that 5 billion people will be connected – 66% of all humanity. In the next decade 3 billion new minds will become connected and most of these will be from developing countries – introducing new voices into our global networks.’ As this rate the web seems all set for what King refers to as a ‘network event horizon’, that is, a point at which the number of people online increases to such an extent that their interactions become radically unpredictable. Thinking of this in a positive sense, such a complex system will generate new ways of thinking and being, new forms of knowledge and connectivity. To be a part of this shift is therefore both exciting and essential; in terms of our career trajectories, it will generate jobs that haven’t yet been thought of, and ways of working that might at the present moment seem quite unfamiliar.

So does the New Year present an opportunity for you to re-assess your online presence? Might the virtual world be the place to refocus your job search or find collaborators for your next research project? Might it be the time to start that blog, or if you have one already, to spend a little more time curating it. Is your online presence fulfilling its potential, and if not, what can you do to improve it? The Researcher Development Programme at King’s features a course which will help you ask, and answer, these questions. Developing Your Online Presence runs in a face-to-face context on March 18th, and there’s a webinar version on May 26th.

Keep in touch with the Researcher Development Unit via Twitter @KingsRDP, and the Graduate School @kclgradschool. For news, support and advice on the use of technology in academic research, also see @KCLDigitalRes

New Year – New Opportunities

The Graduate School’s Researcher Development Programme provides an extensive range of personal, professional and career development opportunities for postgraduate research students and early career research staff (including post-docs) at King’s. These opportunities have been indexed according to the Researcher Development Framework (RDF), a national framework which researchers, at any stage, can use to identify their skills and strengths and plan their development. The RDF is organised around 4 broad domains of attributes: A. Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities; B. Personal Effectiveness; C. Research Governance and Organisation; D. Engagement, Influence and Impact.

Click here to view the framework, asses your training requirements and to find the relevant courses or events. You will find detailed information about each opportunity and a link to our online booking system.