www.kcldo1thing.com is launched!

do 1 thing

Fortunately the image isn’t so blurry in the actual website….!

We created www.kcldo1thing.com to help you, as a researcher at King’s, find out more about what’s going on that might interest you. We know, from talking with PhDs and research staff, that it’s hard to spot opportunities across King’s (and outside). We also know that doing one thing, or indeed lots of things, can help you meet new people, be inspired to find out more about your next move, or just feel more involved in what’s going on here.

Check out all the opportunities we’ve put up. Some of them are jobs, others are events, and occasionally there’s even some funding. We advertise some of the services King’s offers you too – just as a reminder that there’s lots going on outside your library, lab or office.

You might find that there’s not much specifically for your research area: apologies if that’s the case. Please send us something! Or, get in touch if you’d like help creating something for you and your colleagues.


  • Is designed specifically for the 4,700 research staff and postgraduate research students at King’s
  • Gives you up to date info on the best activities currently available at King’s (and beyond)
  • Welcomes content – contact do1thing@kcl.ac.uk or tweet @kcldo1thing
  • Is a project delivered by King’s PhD students through the King’s Research Consultancy, funded by the Researcher Development Unit and Centre for Research Staff Development.