Inaugural Research Staff Event Workshops

King’s research staff are invited to attend various workshops as part of the upcoming Inaugural Research Staff Event 2016 on 10th October 2016. The workshops aim to strengthen the sense of community among research staff and will encourage you to think beyond your own research areas and debate and propose solutions for numerous issues. You will have the chance to contribute towards discussions on a range of issues specific to King’s as well as larger society, from access to healthcare to enhancing diversity at King’s. You will also be able to collaborate with colleagues from across disciplines to apply a multi-disciplinary approach to consider how the issues discussed can be addressed.

The workshops will encourage you to reflect on how the research environment at King’s can be improved, and discuss how the King’s research community can collectively impact the global landscape, whether through research outputs or forging international collaborations with colleagues and institutions worldwide.

The workshops will cover the following topics: Social and Distributive Justice, Informed Urbanisation, Global Health and Wellbeing, Engaging with Diversity and Inclusion at King’s, and Creating a World-Leading Research Environment.

Find out more about the workshops and register to attend here.