NEW Research Consultancy project with Partizan International

Founded in 2002, Partizan is a company that specialises in patient engagement and patient support services. They help healthcare manufacturers and other health service providers connect with the end users of their products to deliver a wide range of better health outcomes.

Partizan has a concept for a new way to diagnose vitamin and mineral deficiencies and help people determine which supplements they should be buying / consuming. This new concept could fulfill a massive unmet need that people buy and consume an enormous amount of nutritional and vitamin / mineral supplements they do not need. Furthermore, some people are at risk of over-supplementation because there is simply no widely available and affordable test they can do to help guide their purchasing / consumption.

Partizan requires someone to research the opportunity, evaluate the evidence / pro’s & con’s of this diagnostic approach and evaluate the overall feasibility of commercializing this new concept. The project is estimated to run for 2 days a week on a 4 – 8 week basis. The consultant will be paid £125 – 150 per day.

Partizan are willing to accept applications from students from any background, but experience in healthcare / life sciences, pharmacy, behavioural psychology, marketing etc. may be beneficial.

For more information and to apply, please visit: The deadline is 23:59 on Wednesday 6 July 2016.

Please contact or call 0207 848 1376 if you have any questions.