MedComms careers event – January 2016

‘I’m delighted we will once again be running our annual lunchtime MedComms careers event in Oxford on 14 January, supported by Oxford University. Please help spread the word and encourage all relevant others to join us.

We have now completed the line-up of agencies as follows: 7.4 Limited, Ashfield Healthcare Communications, BioScience Communications Darwin Healthcare Communications, Fishawack Group, Highfield Communications, McCann Complete Medical Group, Oxford PharmaGenesis, Porterhouse Medical and The Prime Medical Group. That means the opportunity for attendees to meet at least 30-40 MedComms specialists who are happy to chat about the business and career opportunities.

This will be the tenth such event we have run in Oxford and we have more than proven the value now of gathering together the leading agencies to talk about opportunities in the business. If you’re wondering whether the events are worthwhile, earlier this year I published a host of comments from individuals who had successfully made the transition into MedComms following our events and I know many more have since followed them in.

The event is entirely free of charge and anyone is welcome to attend no matter how many times they have done so before. My advice to jobseekers is always very simple; “Grab as many opportunities as you can to talk to as many people as you can. Whether you are looking to start now or in three years’ time, the more you understand MedComms and the related businesses the more likely you will get the job that best suits you.”

Please do help spread the word. Anyone wanting to learn more about a career in MedComms is very welcome. The more the merrier!

If anyone wants to sign up, they simply send me an email providing details of their current position.

What we need now is as many delegates as possible!


Please help spread the word and encourage all relevant others to join us. Everyone is welcome. It’s entirely free of charge and a great opportunity to meet and chat with lots of specialists about MedComms itself but also about related businesses if people are unsure which direction to take. As always, anyone can come along even if they have been before. The more people someone talks to in MedComms the more they will understand the business and the more likely they will find their entry level opportunity.

Don’t forget we’ve a useful number of entry level job ads over at the NextMedCommsJob service.

Meanwhile all the various resources at remain entirely free to access for everyone.’