Arts & Humanities Case Studies: Learned Societies

This interview, and the others published over the past and next few weeks, are with the employers represented at the recent King’s College London Arts & Humanities PhD careers event. They have been written by PhD candidate Valeria Valotto, to whom we are very grateful!

From MPhil English to Acting Executive Director at the Royal Literary Society

Molly Rosenberg

Current position: Acting Executive Director at the Royal Society for Literature.

Starting point:

After studying English at KCL and Berkeley I undertook a number of internships in the Cultural Sector, mainly in fundraising and marketing. In 2013 I took a break from my job to pursue an MPhil in English Literature at Trinity College Dublin.

End point:

After completing my MPhil I realised I had been missing the active engagement with culture and literature. It was a natural move to apply to the Royal Society for Literature – where I had worked previously in Publicity and Marketing first and then in Communications.

How did you make it?

Previous internships and job experience with the RSL made my transition smoother. Having built a good relationship with my manager helped me getting my new position at the Royal Society for Literature.