Arts & Humanities PhD Case Studies: Consulting

This interview, and the others published over the past and next few weeks, are with the employers represented at the recent King’s College London Arts & Humanities PhD careers event. They have been written by PhD candidate Valeria Valotto, to whom we are very grateful!

From Philosophy and Political Theory to Management Consulting

Dr. Dom O’Mahony Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group

Current position: Dom is Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group.

Starting point:

Between 2010 and 2013 I completed a PhD in Philosophy and Political Theory at Cambridge. I worked on the conceptualisation of judgement in Politics. Before starting my PhD I had been working for BCG as an Associate.

First turn – Consulting

I first applied to consulting more or less by accident – I had looked at a few other career options (mainly thanks to Summer internships while completing my BA) like investment banking, that I eventually decided weren’t for me. I had heard that consulting was a good way to create options for whatever it was that I would eventually decide to do with my life.

Second turn – PhD

I moved back to academia because I was seriously considering a career as an academic. My PhD was a unique opportunity to think hard about a particular problem. While doing my PhD I found ways to develop my business skills further. I was Entrepreneur in Residence at Groupon and eventually founded ‘Campus Partners’ a start-up that provided a number of services to companies looking for graduates.

Third turn – Consulting

The diversity of experiences, as well as the pace and the impact of the work, eventually drew me back to BCG.