Arts & Humanities PhD Case Studies: portfolio working

This interview, and the others published over the past and next few weeks, are with the employers represented at the recent King’s College London Arts & Humanities PhD careers event. They have been written by PhD candidate Valeria Valotto, to whom we are very grateful!

Full-time PhD, Portfolio career

Georgios Regkoukos

Current position: PhD student in History at KCL, Tutor and GTA at KCL, Tour Director at EF.

Starting point:

I am enrolled as a PhD student at KCL, writing a thesis on Politics, political thought and gentry liberalism in the era of Great Reforms in Russia.

End point:

When my sponsoring institution cut my funding I took a job as Tour Director at EF. I found the job advertised on jobonline, the UoL Career Group website. I liked the sound of it because I have always loved travelling and this way I am getting paid to do it! My duties consist of accompanying groups mainly consisting of students from the US and Canada throughout their tours of European countries, on-tour logistical support and organisation of activities, various educational responsibilities, such as giving walking tours of European city centres and coach commentaries.

How did you make it?

I had been working previously as tutor and really enjoyed it. My language and people skills definitely helped a lot. This is a part-time job which allows me to concentrate my travels in few stints over the year. As a result I have a lot of free time for my academic work and teaching at KCL.