Online ethical approval application system goes live

On 3rd March 2015 the university launched a fully integrated online ethics application system – Research Ethics Application Management System (REMAS). This replaces the current manual application system and submission of hard copy forms. All applications will be submitted online through the system with no need for submission via email or in hard copy.

The system will be available to all King’s staff and students in order to make an application through the low and high risk review systems. The link to the system will be provided on the Research Ethics Office Webpage. Upon clicking on the link, users can access the system using their King’s login details. A guidance podcast and guidance document will also be available on the webpage.

The starting point on the system will be the same for all users no matter what the risk level of your study. The low and high risk form will be generated through one set of filter questions, which will provide you with only the questions you require for your specific research study, streamlining the application for all users in comparison to the manual system. Student studies will still need to be authorised by supervisors but this authorisation will be requested via the system with no requirement for hard copy signatures. Once submitted, your application will then be directed to the relevant Research Ethics Subcommittee or single reviewer by the Research Ethics Office and the review process will proceed as it currently does.

The reviewing Committees, processes and timelines remain the same. The details of which can be found on our website.

When the system goes live there will be a phased switchover period during which both online and hard copy applications will be accepted. This will allow any applicant who has already prepared a hard copy application in advance of the launch of the online system, to submit this as normal. Once the online system goes live the manual application will no longer be available to access, so all new applications must be submitted using only the online system.

The link to the system is available here.

Any questions about the new system should be sent to the Research Ethics Office at