Publishing: the Spotlight shines on you now….

Our fifth Career Spotlight turns to Science Publishing next week (non-scientists, by all means come too: two of our speakers have Arts degrees!).

Our speakers are all leaders in their field, have great experience of launching new titles, managing staff and will have insights into the future of publishing.  Please come along to find out more about this career route, one that many of you are interested in and which has important influences on all academics.

Our speakers include:

Ruth Francis – Head of Communications at BioMed Central (previous includes Head of Press Nature Publishing Group and Press Officer King’s College London and Cancer Research UK)

Luke Fleet – Associate Editor at Nature Publishing Group (previous includes Assistant Editor Nature Communications and a PhD Physics, Quantum Nanoelectronics)

Michael Osuch – Publishing Director for Neuroscience and Psychology journals at Elsevier (previous posts were at Nature, Informa and Wiley Publishing)

Francesca Lake – Managing Editor, Future Science Group

When: Weds 25th Feb: 5-6pm

Where: FWB 1.70