Using the world’s greatest jobs database….

linkedinSo many PhDs and post-docs I talk to say vaguely, ‘Oh yes, I have a LinkedIn profile, but I don’t really know why.’  Hmmmm.  Listen to my webinar next week and find out how you could be accessing massive careers inspiration and learning more about how people’s careers work.


You’ll find out:

  1. How to find out what alumni from your Department have gone on to do
  2. How to find out how people use ‘research’ or other skills, in their work
  3. How people’s careers build: how long do you stay in your first job after a PhD?
  4. Interesting job titles and names of employers you’ve not heard of before.

When: Monday 8th December, 12.30-13.15

Where: people at the CVs webinar last week were sitting in their offices, in their front rooms, drinking tea or munching on lunch!  All you need is your computer and some speakers.

Follow the link here and see you next week.

Image: LinkedIn