Meeting employers; using your skills; interesting careers

These three things are among the main topics of conversation I have with PhDs and post-docs.

Why not help yourself with all these areas by coming along next Wednesday to the Career Spotlight on Writing Careers?

You’ll get to meet two employers (Julia Coleman from Synergy Medical, and Una-Frances Clarke from the BBC Proms), both using their knowledge and skills developed during their degrees; who are both doing what they think are interesting careers.

One’s a scientist, ones a humanities person. ┬áBoth write for a living (in print and digitally).

The sessions are really informal: they are here for you to be asking the questions you’ve been turning around in your head for ages:

  • what’s it like outside academia?
  • how did you make the switch?
  • who values a PhD?
  • what is it like to make a career out of writing?
  • what experience do I need?

and so on.

  • Weds 12th Feb, 5-6pm
  • FWB 1.70
  • No need to book.

See you there: armed with the information you gain, then we really can have an interesting conversation about your career.