Opportunity to act as an inspiration to a teenager

TeenTech City 2014

There’s a terrific event for young people taking place in The Copper Box on the Olympic Park on November 27th. TeenTech are looking for ambassadors who can spend the day with a group of students  at TeenTech City which will help them understand the real opportunities in Science, Technology and Engineering.  We’ve some world class organisations taking part – a real spread of science , tech and engineering – 40 different companies with some really cool hands on activities. We’re also showcasing some start up companies – so students understand what it really means to be an entrepreneur.

We have a specific need for ‘ambassadors’  for this event. Ambassadors are assigned to a group of students (with a teacher) for the day and do all the challenges with them – the idea is to give them the opportunity to meet an inspiring person working in tech, engineering or science who can help them see that they also belong in this world. For many students, this will be the first person working in Science or Technology that they have ever met. They would need to attend a briefing at 8.30am and work with us until 3pm. They are then very welcome to join in a VIP networking event with sponsors and contributors which will be held after the young people have left. We are running a briefing event for Teachers on 14th November and they would be very welcome to come along to this to get a full picture of the day. It’s a terrific day and hugely enjoyable but it’s also an opportunity to make a real difference to young people’s lives.

Please contact Anna Sheard if you think you’d like to be part of this event. anna@teentechevent.com