PT Vacancy for Post-doc Researcher (deadline this Wednesday!)

Post-Doc Researcher, Cultural Enquiry (Part-Time)

Recruiter:┬áKing’s Cultural Institute, King’s College London

The main focus of this placement is to work as part of a small team to support the smooth running of the Enquiry which will hear evidence in to the potential role of the cultural sector in relation to future major sporting and other events and produce a series of recommendations for policy makers, event organisers and practitioners. The role has two main responsibilities: leading the research activity for the Enquiry and providing high level administrative support.

This project will be funded by Legacy Trust UK.

Duties will include:

  • Preparing and Presenting evidence for the Enquiry
  • Researching relevant topics
  • Mapping existing relevant activity and organisations
  • Maintaining an updated record of all submissions, interviews and consultations
  • Collating information
  • Synthesising into key findings
  • Presenting findings in an accessible way
  • Drafting the final report
  • Administering the Enquiry process
  • preparing, circulating and storing Enquiry paperwork
  • drafting agendas and lines of questioning
  • researching and preparing evidence papers for the Enquiry
  • organising meetings and events
  • making notes during meetings and producing a formal accurate record for circulation
  • ensuring that all Enquiry papers are stored appropriately and that systems are in place for long term reference whilst upholding confidentiality.

This project will be funded by Legacy Trust UK

Approximately 3 months from September – November 2013.

Interviews to be held on Friday 16 August.