Consulting the Bain way

PhDs and post-docs often talk to me about going into consulting, so I recently met with graduate recruiters at strategy house Bain & Company to find out more about their views of recruiting you.

Approximately 20% of 2013 ‘milkround’ offers were made to candidates with PhDs, which is definitely promising.  Senior Recruiter Hannah O’Brien said that PhDs still need to show all the skills they are looking for from recent graduates, particularly commercial insight, and that although they’re don’t restrict applications to researchers from numerical degrees, it would help in interview to have brushed up your quantitative or Excel skills.  Jo Randall, Recruitment Manager, says that PhDs definitely need to work hard to make sure their CVs have the appropriate tone: don’t use academic jargon but show off the drive and determination that your PhD research has taken.

Clients may well be impressed if your PhD subject area was something they themselves were working in, and your subject could give you something to connect with them at a social level as well.  You start at Bain working across various sectors to gain a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills with an opportunity to specialise later in your career.  The recruiters said that Bain prides itself on a culture of ‘results, not reports’ for its clients; is often seen as very entrepreneurial (staff that leave often start their own businesses); and feel that there is a collaborative, supportive environment for colleagues.  Cases can take you to various locations within the UK as well as overseas so, as is typical with many consultancies, you would need to be flexible about travel.

Interested?  Then look out for their 2013 campaign which is likely to include a London presentation and case study workshop, usually in October.  Be aware that deadlines come up pretty early and will be before Christmas.

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