New NHS STP programme – bioinformatic genomics

The NHS Leadership Academy (which administers applications for the NHS Graduate Management Scheme and STP) has very recently stated the following through its Facebook page and through Twitter:


Exciting news – Bioinformatic Genomics vacancies added to STP 2013 Intake


No firm details yet but we will shortly be recruiting an intake for Bioinformatic Genomics to start in September 2013.  


As soon as we have firm details we will publish but there will be roles across England plus 1 in Cardiff.


Candidates who unsuccessfully applied for the current STP intake can still apply for this new specialism. The recruitment process will be the same as the process for the current STP intake. We hope to advertise early May and will close around the end of May. Interviews will take place in June in Birmingham City Football Club.


Bioinformatics lies at the intersection of informatics and science. Candidates can apply with a range of relevant degrees (e.g. biological, biomedical, natural sciences, computing/informatics, computer science, mathematics, etc). The strongest candidates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of both science and informatics.


In this specialism it is important for candidates to realise that they will be rotating through clinical settings in their training and it is likely that many graduates will spend time in employment in clinical settings in the NHS.


You can read more information about the specialism here


Please do not post any questions yet about applying for this scheme as we do not have any further information BUT we promise to share it with you ASAP

You may want to share this with colleagues as once finalised, the application window will be quite small. Note that one post will be in Wales, the rest in England.

NHS Careers recommends that colleagues follow/advise potential applicants to follow the Grad Scheme on Facebook and #nhsstp on Twitter. NHS Careers and Alan Simmons (Careers Specialist at NHS Careers)  will also endeavour to tweet about the application cycle once it opens.