More Postdoctoral Fellowships

**This information is out of date; please use it for inspiration**

Post-doctoral Fellowships in Canada in 2012

Applications are invited from postdoctoral researchers working within the humanities, the social sciences, the natural sciences and engineering.  The Canadian Government has invited the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK to nominate up to fifteen candidates for one year ‘Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships’ in Canada in 2012 and we are seeking applications from suitably qualified candidates from which to select our nominees. 

Please note that the Commission can only accept applications from UK citizens and candidates should have been awarded their PhD within the last three years (or to have completed the PhD requirements before taking up the award in September 2012).

Applications must be made using the online application system provided by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE).  The Commission will then make our own selections and will nominate candidates to CBIE for their consideration in January 2012.

Update March 2013