What do King’s PhD students do?

**NB This information is over two years old but is retained for information and inspiration**

Here at the King’s Careers Lab we have been gathering the annual data about what happens to our PhD graduates.

The data, gathered from 2008/9 academic year’s graduates ,shows that of the 200 we managed to contact 65 were in academic research posts and 52 were lecturing in universities. 33 were in clinical practice – principally medics and psychologists.6 were in other forms of education – mainly secondary teaching. 12 were in various forms of public sector administration – including university administration. 10 were in industrial and commercial research and development roles and another 10 in business professions such as banking,  insurance and law. 6 were in media and creative businesses and 5 in the charity and NGO sector. And in accordance with King’s traditions 2 were in religious ministry.

All in all its a very encouraging outcome. Its true that there are significant numbers we fail to contact despite our best efforts, but the numbers in University posts as teachers and/or researchers is very heartening.