Jobs in EU Institutions

On 16th March 2010, the European Personnel Selection Office will launch a procedure to select graduates to work in the EU Institutions.  This selection procedure will comprise the fields of European Public Administration, Law, Audit, Economics, and Information and Communication Technology.  

 A career in the EU Institutions offers a lifetime of different jobs doing interesting and challenging work that makes a real difference for Europe, in an environment where staff are encouraged to learn new skills and languages, and have opportunities to work and travel abroad.  You will find more information on EU careers and the selection procedure in two leaflets, now available as downloads from the AGCAS website – Further information can be found on our website –

It is also worth noting that, from 2010, the EU Careers selection procedure no longer includes the detailed EU knowledge test. Instead we are moving to an entirely competence based model which many British students and graduates will be familiar with.

You’ll also find on the AGCAS website a copy of the advertisement which will be appearing in a number of online and printed media throughout Europe over the next couple of weeks. 

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