Write Articles – get paid!!!

“Are you a second year PGR having a bout of the ‘second year blues’? or are you a third year who remember this feeling well and how to overcome it?
Are you a first year PGR student struggling with the transition from MA/MSc to PhD? or are you a ‘returner learner’ someone who has come back to higher education after a stint in the real world?
Are you PGR worried about the financial cutbacks in higher education or someone who has already been on the receiving end of them?

IF SO, GRADBritain wants to hear from you about your experiences…..

Deadline for articles for the next issue of GRADBritain is fast approaching (Feb 1st). This is our Spring issue, and so we are out with the old and in with the new, addressing themes we haven’t yet covered. We shall be offering £50 for the best articles which address any of the issues above. Articles need only be 700 words, but should contain the essential mix of humour, experience and advice for our readers. Please send your submissions to gradbritain@vitae.ac.uk by the 1st Feb.

PhD Research Anedotes
GRADBritain is also establishing a new regular feature called ‘A funny thing happened on the way to the library’ in which we will publish any amusing anecdotes of PGRs research experiences. These can range from the bizzare (I know one PGR who ended up interviewing a woman in a Christian commune) to the serious (I know of another who was arrested while researching in Russia). The fact is that often our research anecdotes are often more interesting that our thesis topic and definitely won’t go in the thesis, so why not publish them in GB?

Again, the best one will get £50 and published in the Spring issue of GB. Same rules apply, 700 word limit by the 1st February to gradbritain@vitae.ac.uk”