My First Year at King’s – A Reflection


I hope you all have been enjoying the sunny weather in London for the past few days, although today got a bit cloudy and chilling. Finally, there is a sign of summer. Which means that my first year at King’s is coming to an end and it is a good time to look back and see how far these last nine months have brought me.

It feels like yesterday that I arrived at Heathrow Airport and carried with me a lot of expectations and ambitions. The first few weeks went like a blur as I tried to adjust to my new life. After all, it was not easy going grocery shopping, doing my own laundry, cleaning my tiny room, budgeting appropriately, and studying (among zillion other things) by myself. Honestly, the experience might sound intimidating, but it is actually a lot of fun and thrilling. For example, you will learn where to get good milk and bread with the cheapest price or know what kind of food is on sales in a certain store at a certain time.

Like other freshers (or freshmen if you will), I attended all events intended for me: a one-day workshop for international students where I was given my first English lunch ever; a department induction where the professors managed to drill into my head the importance of checking my uni email daily; a Freshers’ Fair where I got a huge colorful calendar and met so many friendly and enthusiastic society members at Barbican Center; and an evening for Asian students where I actually signed up to become an international student blogger.

Coming to an entirely foreign environment, I was very worried. I kept asking myself whether I would have any new friends. Would my course mates like me? Would I understand my lecturers? Would others understand me? Fortunately, as it turned out, I could not be more wrong. I have met many smart and wonderful people who I am proud to call ‘friends’. My course mates literally come from all over the world and bring with them so many accents and so much diversity, which create so great of a class.

Speaking of classes, I need to mention the academic aspect of my life. After all, I pay to receive a world-class level of education. King’s is famous for its incredibly talented faculties. My lecturers have written books, published journal articles, and taught at prestigious universities among many other things. I actually had to read books written by them and had heated debates with them about their and my ideas in tutorials. I would not say that I had learned all there was to know about management. I have not scratched the surface of it. But I would say that my first year has enriched my critical thinking ability and polished my analytical mind. On top of attending daily lecture and biweekly tutorial, I joined a German evening class to make sure my language skill does not fail. At King’s, you really could pursue anything, as long as you have passion and interests.

The day I came to King’s was the day I promised myself I would spend time doing what I loved. At the moment, I could proudly say that yes, I have managed to keep my promise. I love writing and have been doing so on a regular basis. I love volunteering and have been helping Year 6 students improve their writing skills as part of a community program. I love talking to people and have been a customer service worker for almost half a year. I love meeting new individuals and have been attending several Open Day events as King’s student ambassador.

Still, there are a lot of things that I have yet to do (like bungee jumping, backpacking across Europe, or attending an Open Day at a law firm). My First Year is coming close to an end (with me crossing my fingers hoping I will not have to come back in August for resit). Next year will be much more challenging with 7 different subjects. But I am sure it will be as fun and exciting as this year has been.

Have a wonderful summer! Brace yourself for the sun! And welcome to King’s (if you choose to go here this September)!



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