Fit for King’s

King’s has an amazing history, and some amazing buildings too.

But being spread across different parts of historic London: from the Strand to Waterloo, to London Bridge to St Thomas’s and Denmark Hill; there’s a lot to master when it comes to getting about.

Luckily, one thing you can generally count on is help, if you ask for it. I’ve really noticed in my short time at King’s is how friendly so many people are.

King’s has a super programme called “Fit for King’s”. The vision is to provide:

“World class services to a world class university”

The first three ‘commitments’ of the programme: to be ‘knowledgeable’, ‘inclusive’ and ‘naturally friendly’ are lovely I think.

This morning at 8am, as I was rushing through The Strand reception in my cycling gear, Camilla Templing, who looks after reception smiled and asked me “How’s your new job going?”. She won’t remember, but she helped me with a map in the summer when I was trying to find Capital House (London Bridge it turned out).

We’ve never really properly met but that’s two lovely examples of Camilla simply being ‘naturally friendly’ which I’ve already experienced. And many other people are too.

Kindness often begets kindness. Just now a person appeared out of a lift I was walking past. She looked a bit anxious and lost. So I asked her where she was going – room 3.01 she said – and we had a look at the floor plan on the walk together and traced her a route.

‘Naturally friendly’ is a great way to be. Absolutely “fit for King’s”


I’ve just started at King’s as Chief Operating Officer for Arts and Sciences. And two weeks into it, I’m loving King’s life – there is so much to see, learn and do.

I’ve joined King’s from the British Council; so education and culture have been part of my life for a while. But to see all of the British Council, you’ve got to get round 113 countries, so it’s a great feeling to have the whole of King’s right here on my doorstep.

Here’s my first week in pictures – Waterloo Bridge, Somerset House, The Barbican for Fresher’s Fair and Mendelssohn’s Tree (also at the Barbican) under which he sat and composed.

Week One

And here’s the other amazing thing about my first week at King’s – everything worked: my ID, my laptop, the wifi – everything. 

And as I tweeted last week – I wasn’t alone…

11,050 new students enrolled, 13,800 computer accounts created, 11,326 students online @KingsCollegeLon

It’s feels great to be joining King’s, the #Welcome could not have been better.