Who do Undergrads want to work for?


Painful though it is for an Apple lover… the best rated UK employer of undergraduates according to the Times Higher is Microsoft.

Microsoft moved up five places from last year, receiving reviews averaging 9.11 out of 10 from students who have taken placements or internships with the company. More than 7,000 student reviews were used to compile the UK’s top 100 undergraduate employers by RateMyPlacement.co.uk.

In previous years, the top spots have been dominated by financial services firms, but Microsoft’s number one spot marks a shift in favour of a number of different industries, including recruitment, professional services and law. Nonetheless, big banks and financial services companies continue to fill many places in the top ten.

Lucy Saunders, university recruitment manager at Microsoft, said: “Being number one is both humbling and an honour for our UK intern programme at Microsoft.  It means a lot to us that our very own, superb interns have benefited from a meaningful and impactful experience at Microsoft.

“Internally, our interns are extremely well regarded, and they never fail to make huge, positive impact to our UK business and beyond. Integral and core to our intern programme is the belief that our interns should be given as much opportunity as possible to make great impact during their time with us.”

Almost makes me want to go work at Microsoft myself… But only if they’d let me keep my iPhone!


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