Stern: Nuanced and Fair

Parli Whitehall

Lord Stern’s review of the Research Excellence Framework – Building on Success and Learning from Experience has been widely welcomed as balanced, nuanced and fair.

The proposals include:

  • to count all research active staff in the REF but varying the number of pieces they might submit – currently higher education (HE) institutions select the staff that will be included and this innovation will ease pressure and encourage academics to research new areas or on a longer time-scale
  • widening and deepening the notion of research “impact” to include influence on public engagement, culture and on teaching, avoiding distortions of research choices and careers
  • introducing a new institutional level assessment to foster greater cohesiveness between academics and reward collaboration on interdisciplinary activities

Good to see diversity and inclusion high on the list of benefits sought, as well as broader social impact on the public, wider culture and teaching. King’s prides itself on being ‘in service to society’; universities must be.

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