The Marvels of Travels…

Living in London, one tends to forget about the United Kingdom… you know, the fact that it is actually 3 countries bordering each other, which basically means it is ridiculously easy to visit those other 2 countries? Well fortunately, I am here to remind you about the joys of living in the big family called the UK!

I had barely stepped foot and settled in London when I first visited Wales. Even then, despite not being acquainted to London, the difference struck me. As much as London was busy, fast-paced and jostling with life Wales was quiet, welcoming and absolutely beautiful! My ‘coup de coeur’ was Chepstow, a small town in Southern Wales, where it seemed time had stopped since the early 1900s. The cobbled pavements, Chepstow Castle and the river flowing next to its church made this little town idyllic and magical.

I also had the chance to visit Tintern Abbey (poetry fans will know that this Abbey was an inspiration to Keats for his most famous poem), revel in its magnificence and feel the historical aura emanating from its crumbling walls. The icing on the cake was going to the traditional village fair held nearby!

Another place with amazing history which I visited was Scotland. Visiting the land of the Scots was the ultimate experience (and made every bit of the gruelling 8 hour coach journey worth it)! The capital Edinburgh is a wonder; with the imposing Edinburgh castle towering over the town, music from bagpipes resounding on the streets and its many pubs offering local delicacies, every bit of it is captivating. I had lunch in a cafe where ‘Harry Potter’ was written, visited the Scottish Parliament and even ventured near the Queen’s official Scottish residence.

Talking of royalty; my next stop in Scotland was St Andrews, where the love story between Prince William and Princess Kate blossomed. I went there with hopes of finding my prince; I ended up with the most amazing memories and pictures of one of the most beautiful places I have seen to date (by then, I had forgotten about princes)…                                                          

So this is to say; if you have the chance of being in a place like London, from where you can go pretty much anywhere, make the most of it! If you’re worried about the cost of travels, not to worry; coaches are a cheap and great way to travel and inns are the best place to stay… :)

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