When you struggle, Learn to juggle!

When I was being ‘shipped’ to London, my parents reassured me, saying “You’re a student; you don’t have to worry about much… Just concentrate on your studies and you’ll be fine!” I’m sorry to say Mom-Dad; you couldn’t have been more wrong! See, the one thing I learnt when I started university is that student life is like juggling, especially if you live away from home. Sometimes, I feel like a really busy Lawyer from Suits… Other times, I feel like a (desperate) housewife…

Well, turns out student life is all making the most of your time! My advice; PRIORITISE! Studies would obviously come first (parents seem to think this is our only purpose in life; let’s indulge them)! A close second is groceries, laundry and the likes (trust me, take- out loses its charm after a while, especially when you see your dress size steadily increasing). Then come your extra-curricular activities and social life. I can say from personal experience that student societies are the best place to find friends who are passionate about the same things as you! King’s has loads of them; you will be spoilt for choice! Check out the KCLSU link; http://involve.kclsu.org/.

At first, it is over-whelming but, just as with juggling, you get better at it; once you get the hang of it, you’re set for life! So my take on student life is that you should dapple in a bit of everything until you find your footing. More importantly, try new things out, undertake new challenges and don’t worry if you’re finding it tough, it only means you’re normal!!! :)

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