The Strongman Bond: Trump and Erdogan

Post by Ed Roberts, Research Intern at ICSA

A Trump administration will likely see a warming of relations between the USA, Turkey, and Russia. With regards to Turkey, Trump has praised Erdogan, stating in an interview with the New York Times, that the suppression of the coup on July 15th was ‘quite impressive from the standpoint of existing government.’ Continue reading

A Nuclear Powered Argentine Submarine?

Argentine Defense Minsters have repeatedly claimed that Argentina has a viable nuclear submarine program underway. The program has been stated to use the CAREM reactor, but it appears nobody told the CNEA, the Argentine Nuclear Agency responsible for the reactor. The civilian nuclear energy agency states that the CAREM reactor is a modular power plant that will be used for power generation in remote regions, power for high-energy use industry and desalination. CAREM-25 is Argentina’s first indigenous designed and built power plant. The reactor building is currently under construction near the town of Lima in Buenos Aires Province.

What is the origin of the difference of the stated purpose of the CAREM reactor between the civilian and military establishment? The projected optimism of the political establishment may be due to competition with the Brazilian submarine program. Can an Argentine politician publically admit to being left in the dust by the Brazilians?

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Vietnam’s Nuclear Challenges: Developing a Nuclear Programme From Scratch

In a climate of electrical energy rationing and ever-increasing demand, Vietnam, seeking to diversify its domestic energy supply, is beginning the process of implementing an ambitious nuclear energy programme. As a newcomer to nuclear energy, Vietnam faces many challenges to ensure the establishment of a safe, secure and effective nuclear strategy; a task that requires multiple stakeholders, from government to education, research and industry. Achieving nuclear mastery requires the development of a highly-skilled workforce. With little previous nuclear infrastructure, this is proving a challenging endeavour.

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