The Economy, Criminals and their Laundry

For decades, Hollywood has created countless movies portraying criminal behaviour and money laundering as the work of the mafia, drugs lords, and mobs mostly with rather suspicious accents however a quick internet news search reveals a reality far closer to home than one which exists on the script of the next blockbuster.

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What does Syriza’s victory means for EU-Russia relations?

Written by Andrej Kokoc, Research Intern at the International Centre for Security Analysis.

The Greek legislative elections of 25th January yielded a left-wing government, with Syriza and its leader Alexis Tsipras emerging victorious. As well as raising the worries of a possible “Grexit” from the Eurozone and further implications for the European economy once again, this has also had an effect on EU foreign affairs, more specifically, the relationship with Russia.

Before the Greek elections, the government of Hungary – especially in the form of Prime Minister Viktor Orban – was the main pro-Russian voice within the EU. Now, there seems to be a new addition to the pro-Russian sentiment within the European Union that is likely to attempt to steer the EU away from further sanctions on Russia. Continue reading