The Centre for the Humanities and Health at King’s College London is a Wellcome Trust-funded research centre in the Medical Humanities which was launched in October 2009.

The Centre aims to illuminate the subjective and experiential aspects of illness and health through literature, philosophy, history and film studies. The Medical Humanities is an emerging interdisciplinary field, and the Centre aims to make a significant contribution to its development in the UK, and in the world, through a multi-stranded programme of research on “The Boundaries of Illness”.

The Centre engages scholars from the Arts, Humanities and Health disciplines nationally and internationally. In particular, it engages scholars from Literature, Philosophy, History, the Visual Arts, Film Studies, Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry, Medicine and Nursing. See who’s who at the Centre here.

The Centre is located on the 5th floor of the East Wing, Strand Campus, King’s College London.

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  1. Wonderful! Loved the insightful articles. Regret the absence of an email subscription to alert of new posts. Please consider adding that to facilitate readers’ enjoyment of the writing. Look forwards to reading more…

    • Hello Dr Skeptic – thanks for reading the blog, please send through any suggestions that you might have on content / coverage etc.

      Regarding subscription, I think you need to do this on your WordPress accout – if you log in to WordPress you can navigate to our blog and choose “Subscribe to this Blog” from the top menu bar. Let me know if you have problems doing this. I will also look into a button on the blog itself.



      • I think the top nav bar subscription allows for reading in the wp.com panel, but I prefer to read the blogs I am following when I am on the move, so email is the best option! I subscribed to the email tab just now. I look forward to more great content here. Thanks for running the blog so efficiently.


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