Congratulations to Dr Frances Butcher Bioethics & Society alumna for being awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship for Health Professionals

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Dr Frances Butcher

Dr Frances Butcher, Bioethics & Society alumna (class of 2016) and currently a Specialty Registrar/Doctor in Public Health at the Oxford School of Public Health, has been awarded a Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship for Health Professionals to fund a DPhil/PhD at the Ethox Centre, University of Oxford, for a project titled “An Ethics Account of Global Health Security”, under the supervision of Professor Mike Parker and Dr Patricia Kingori.

This is what she says about the Bioethics and Society programme:

“The Master’s in Bioethics & Society at King’s College London has been instrumental to both my career and successfully applying for this fellowship and DPhil.

In public health practice, I don’t think ethical aspects are always given the high degree of attention they deserve, but the master’s equipped me with the ability to identify, approach, and analysis issues I encounter in my practice.

I’m now excited to combine my practice in public health with my research interest in bioethics by considering ethical dimensions of global health security for my DPhil.

As well as research skills for writing the application and defending it at interview (which have been invaluable!), the ongoing support I’ve received whilst at King’s, and even after graduating, really makes you appreciate just how much the faculty care about your future and aid you in your career.

Recently, I’m been working on developing an biosecurity eLearning project, ‘Act like a Pro’ which brought me back to King’s to film Dr Filippa Lentzos whom was one of the lecturers on the master’s. As well being a key biosecurity expert filmed for the eLearning scenarios, Filippa’s been a fantastic mentor for this project.

Opportunities like this eLearning and the DPhil just wouldn’t have been possible without King’s Master’s in Bioethics & Society”.

Frances graduated from Brighton and Sussex Medical School and worked as a clinical doctor in Bristol before studying Bioethics & Society at King’s in the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine. In 2015/16, Frances was the recipient of a competitive Postgraduate Bursary to support her studies at King’s College London.

For info about the Bioethics & Society programme contact Dr Silvia Camporesi.

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