2019 Bioethics & Society alumni series – Featuring Richard Gibson, PhD candidate in Bioethics & Medical Jurisprudence at the University of Manchester

Richard Gibson

Richard Gibson, Bioethics & Society alumnus (class of 2016), currently a PhD student and Graduate Teaching Assistant in the School of Law at the University of Manchester, UK, says about the programme:

“Before undertaking the MA in Bioethics & Society, my primary academic interest revolved around the ethical and social implications of radical human enhancement. However, as the course progressed I found the inverse of such a topic to be more interesting; not questions of how science and technology can make people ‘better’ than healthy, but rather, how do we understand what it is to be healthy in the first place, and specifically, how the idea of ‘the normal’ influences such a concept. This newfound approach stuck with me throughout the MA, and I found it to be such a rewarding approach that it now forms the foundation of my PhD thesis. In short, my PhD examines the ethical, social, and legal implications of providing therapeutic, elective healthy limb amputation in cases of Body Integrity Identity Disorder. To do this, I primarily use the work of Georges Canguilhem, as well as theoretical analysis from principlism, disability theory, and the medical humanities. Pretty much every aspect of my PhD, in one way or another, draws from the knowledge and skills I gained during my time at King’s, courtesy of the Bioethics & Society programme. Due to the course being based in a social science department, the variety of subjects, authors, approaches, and schools of thought which are drawn upon is excellent as well as unique. King’s itself has a vibrant research culture in which those on the MA were wholeheartedly encouraged to participate. And, as a result of the university’s central London situation, it provides students with unique opportunities to apply their research in the broader societal and policy capacity, as well as drawing the highest quality staff, both visiting and permanent. It is safe to say that without the Bioethics & Society MA, I wouldn’t be doing a PhD in a subject I find captivating, teaching at a Russel Group University, or giving both domestic and overseas presentations. To conclude, I cannot recommend the course, nor endorse the hard work of Silvia Camporesi and the others that make the programme possible, highly enough”.

You can follow Richard on Twitter: @RichardBGibson

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