2019 Bioethics & Society Alumni Series – Featuring James Aluri, class of 2016

ALURI_jamesWe continue celebrating our amazing alumni to mark the 5 years of the Bioethics & Society programme.

James Aluri, graduate of Bioethics & Society (class of 2016), currently a first year resident in the Johns Hopkins Hospital Psychiatry Residency Program, says about the Bioethics & Society:

The Master’s in Bioethics & Society provided an enriching component to my education as a physician. In the course, we discussed foundational questions such as “What is health?”, “What is disease?”, and “What is morality?”. The program gave me a critical lens through which to view the institutions, policies, and practice of medicine. This course has helped me develop a network of bioethicists, familiarize myself with the literature, develop a set of professional interests, shape the way I think about ethics, garner useful expertise in research methods that I have used in future projects, and build many friendships. When I decided to look for programs in bioethics, I was looking for a program that would provide an intellectually fulfilling experience, while also substantively shaping my professional trajectory–the Masters in Bioethics & Society went above and beyond fulfilling those expectations. Looking back on my nine years of post-secondary education, there is no doubt that this was the single most enjoyable and impactful year–an experience I would highly recommend”.

James was the recipient of a prestigious Wellcome Trust Master’s studentships in Humanities and Social Sciences. Upon completion of the Bioethics & Society programme, James worked a Research Associate at the Presidential Commission for the Study on Bioethical Issues for a year before returning to medical school at Johns Hopkins University . You can read more about James’ work at the Presidential Commission here.


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