GHSM Seminar May 23rd: Dr. Carlo Caduff on “Cancer: On Knowing and Naming”

When: Wednesday 23rd May from 12.00-13.00

Dr Carlo Caduff

Where: Room K3.11, King’s Building, Strand Campus, King’s College London

Dr. Carlo Caduff is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine at King’s College London. He received his PhD in Anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley.   Dr Caduff’s research explores the politics of bioscience, biomedicine and biosecurity in the United States and India. His first book – The Pandemic Perhaps – was published by the University of California Press in 2015 and translated into German by Konstanz University Press in 2017. He is co-editor of a Current Anthropology special issue on New Media/New Publics. Research articles have appeared in journals such as Cultural Anthropology, Current Anthropology, Cambridge Anthropology, BioSocieties and Annual Review of Anthropology. In 2017, Dr Caduff received a Wellcome Trust grant to start a new ethnographic research project on cancer care in India. He serves as Director of the Global Health and Social Medicine Doctoral School and Deputy Director of the Culture, Medicine & Power Research Group (CMP). He is Associate Faculty at the India Institute and Visiting Faculty at the Graduate Institute Geneva.

 Abstract The non-disclosure of a cancer diagnosis is relatively common in India. Studies have shown that many cancer patients are unaware of their disease. But how exactly is non-disclosure working in a hospital setting? What are patients told when they are not told that they have cancer? At stake in the question of non-disclosure is the very idea of the patient – what does it mean to be a patient? However, equally at stake is the extent to which we want to measure every relation against that of knowing. This essay traces the everyday life of non-disclosure in an Indian cancer hospital.

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