Research on London was showcased in the Principal’s conference on 22nd February 2018. 

The event ‘London Leads: the Capital Challenges, King’s responds’ explored the breadth and depth of King’s expertise on London.  It highlighted the potential for greater collaboration between academics and policy makers in addressing these challenges.

Professor Anthea Tinker, Institute of Gerontology, Global Health and Social Medicine presented evidence about how the department was contributing to research on London.  She was one of four academics highlighting relevant research.  Her presentation included evidence about comparative research on mental health in London compared with China.  One of these is the extensive programme of research carried out by Professor Nikolas Rose and Professor Nick Manning on mental health, migration and megacities and the other is Professor Mauricio Avendano’s study on mental health and cognition.  Her own study on an Age Friendly London was given as an example of research funded by the Greater London Authority.  Finally an example was given of students seeking the views of older people in London.  This was about the oral health of older people and one of the eight dental students who are undertaking the research spoke about their involvement.

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