Student Profile: Asia Guerreschi, MSc student and programme student rep

Asia-GuerreschiI am currently enjoying…. MSc Climate Change: Environment, Policy and Science. Arriving at King’s from a Bachelor Arts in Communication, yet continuously passionate about protecting the planet with volunteering work in several charities, like the Jane Goodall Institute Italia, this program has opened a whole new way of looking at this topic. Typically, when studying media theory, you comprehend the limited understanding and time media dedicates to being objective, not exactly helping the public seriousness, and comprehension, of certain global concerns.

I realized as well, how much more I did not know, and how much more I have yet to learn. So, even the activist in me took a whole new step. You can know things on a superficial level, but going in-depth is a whole different story. How much of the world do people truly understand and how much are we truly contributing with our range of knowledge? I believe we cannot truly answer this question, but surely this program has answered many of the questions I had about ways we can contribute to helping the planet daily.

And it is not only about the planet, it is about understanding how the world works around us and the extent in which our actions can affect people, animals, and chain of events near or far from us. Similarly, it has been for the Environmental Dynamics seminar series: a unique opportunity to hear from brilliant geographers and scientists about their different researches.

I have been extremely honoured with this experience and the opportunities offered. Including being co – Student Representative for the postgraduates in this department allowing me to develop an important communication bridge between staff and students. I may not be the same activist I was then I first entered King’s, but this program is giving me the tools to become a better one.


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