Student Profile: Emilia Sandoghdar

Emilia is the newly elected student rep for Year 1 BA Geographers.

I chose Geography because it explains the contemporary world through every possible lens. It connects the threads between the systems and spaces we interact in and lets me be a part of our global network. I am particularly interested in the cultures of urban spaces; how the city we live in can shape our identity and how we shape the city. Geography provides me with a broad palette of topics that are pressing issues right now, like the geopolitics at the Arctic or China’s growing hegemony in African countries.


My most impressive achievement is winning the ECIS Award for International Understanding for helping out at the Refugee Camp in my city and creating the Green Club in my school.

At the moment I’m inspired by people building their niches, anchors and corners to make themselves feel rooted in our messy, chaotic world.

Others say I do not look Iranian because I am blonde, but I am! I have a burning passion for Iranian culture, especially their aubergine dishes.

You might be surprised to know that I do not only share my name with a region, but a water bottle and pasta too.


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