Celebrating the Diversity of our Student Body and our Students’ Achievements.

We want our spaces on campus to represent King’s and our global diversity. We recognise that rooms around campus do not always reflect the diversity of our staff and students, or showcase success, civic leadership and service. As identified through our Athena Swan and Race Equality Charter Marks, the images in the Council Room were chosen for a pilot project to diversify the images and present a broader range of role models.

Image of the council room set up for a committee meeting.

The Council Room, The King’s Building, Strand Campus.

A university working group has recently updated the imagery in the Council Room. The group had an explicit aim to address the historic lack of diversity in the images, particularly gender and ethnicity. The new image panels now show a broader, more diverse range of role models, illustrate King’s dedication to service, and celebrate our students’ achievements. The changes also modernise the space and remind us of our academic purpose and who we serve.

Group photo of 5 students sitting on steps of Bush House, hanging in the Council Room, King’s Building, Strand Campus.

The artwork was installed on 19 July.

The working group included students and staff, and deliberately connected to our Athena Swan and Race Equality accreditations. This work is a pilot and we hope to use similar approaches with larger sections of our community as part of routine campus refreshes. Thank you to the hard work of the teams involved.

Council Room set up for a committee meeting.

The Council Room.

If you are interested in contributing to diversifying King’s spaces in the future, please contact diversity@kcl.ac.uk.