EVENT | Autonomous Smart Cities and Facts Beyond Smart Living

[three_fourths] Description “Visa, the world’s largest credit card network, can predict how likely you are to get a divorce”. “New York-based insurer Lemonade employs a chat-bot, “A.I. Jim,” which was recently credited with paying out a claim in under three seconds”. Knowing the future may not always guarantee you a better life. Everything is moving […]

EVENT | The World (Wide Web) through an App: The Challenges of Smartphone Users in the Global South

[three_fourths] Description Public talk by Elisa Oreglia (King’s College London) In recent years, small networks of traders have started to bring cheap, China-made smartphones to low- and middle-income consumers in the Global South. While this has made smartphones accessible to a population that would not be able to afford them otherwise, it has also brought […]