EVENT | DIGIT.PROP: Social media and Political Communication

[three_fourths] In recent years we have seen social media becoming a key means of political communication and propaganda in a number of election campaigns, from the US 2016 presidential elections, to the 2017 national elections in the UK. How does social media growing role in contemporary politics change the way in which campaigns are conducted? […]

DDH postgraduate students active in cultural AI event

Festival Grounded is a festival of electronic music, critical thinking and activism that will take place from 21. to 23.11. in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This year’s theme is Intimacy in the age of Artificial Intelligence, and we are extremely proud to announce that a former and a current student of our Big Data MA, Nika Mahnič […]

EVENT | The good life after work? Nostalgia and digital capitalism

  [three_fourths] Description Are people working in digital economies experiencing nostalgia for the “good life” of previous decades? What can we make of tensions between visions of “the end of work” and “life after work”? Join us for a seminar with Alessandro Gandini (King’s College London) where he’ll be previewing new research on nostalgia and […]

EVENT | Exploring the impact of digital cultural heritage through collaboration

[three_fourths] Description Julia Fallon from Europeana will discuss their Impact Playbook. It is an innovative co-production and good example of co-research in action. Summary: Ahead of us is a challenge of producing better, more convincing evidence of how transformative access to digital culture can be.  How it contributes to every day life, and how it can inspire […]

EVENT | Autonomous Smart Cities and Facts Beyond Smart Living

[three_fourths] Description “Visa, the world’s largest credit card network, can predict how likely you are to get a divorce”. “New York-based insurer Lemonade employs a chat-bot, “A.I. Jim,” which was recently credited with paying out a claim in under three seconds”. Knowing the future may not always guarantee you a better life. Everything is moving […]

EVENT | Digital Media and their Situational Analytics

  [three_fourths] Description How can digital data from online devices and platforms be used to do social and cultural research? What problem are we facing, when using digital media itself to understand how those technical innovations are situated in society? Join us for a departmental seminar with Noortje Marres (University of Warwick). Why social research […]

EVENT | Workshop: New Perspectives in the Digital Society

[three_fourths] Description The blending of offline and online interaction has had many talk about a “digital society” within which human and nonhuman actors coexist, and social media become battlefields for culture wars. The contours of this “digital society”, however, are still to be questioned. In this workshop we will discuss some of the most interesting, […]