EVENT | Early Career Research Talks 2019

Join us for a series of Early Career Research Talks given by colleagues from the Department of Digital Humanities. There are seven in total, running between January 2019 and May 2019. For more details, please see the poster below. If you tweet about the event you can use the #kingsdhhashtag or mention @kingsdh.

EVENT | Surveillance Capitalism, Governance and Social Justice: Moving beyond Data Centrism 30.01.19

[three_fourths] What is at stake with data politics beyond privacy, security and efficiency? How do data systems reflect broader systems of injustice – and what might this mean for advancing social justice in an age of datafication? Join us for a public talk with Lina Dencik (Cardiff University) on her research about data justice and […]

EVENT | Quantum Queerness 29.01.19

[three_fourths] As part of the Early Career Research Talks series, Conor McKeown will discuss his ongoing research project “Quantum Queerness”, currently modestly supported by the AHRI in King’s. The main objective of QQ is to foster an intimate relationship with our other multiple quantum selves. Using a cultural analytics approach I aim to make a […]

EVENT | Rethinking the Meaning of ‘Books’ and ‘Authorship’ in the Digital Age 24.01.19

[three_fourths] “Rethinking the Meaning of ‘Books’ and ‘Authorship’ in the Digital Age: The KITAB Project and Its Work on Text ‘Reuse’” – Sarah Savant This lecture focuses on the size of the Arabic tradition (ca. 700-1500), and the likely role that written practices and cultural expectations played in its development. It is arguably the largest […]

EVENT | SHOWCASE: King’s College London x Somerset House Studios 29.01.19

[three_fourths] A showcase of King’s College London x Somerset House Studios collaborations Five artist-academic project teams have worked together over the last six months to research and develop new critical perspectives on contemporary culture and society. The evening will be hosted by Dr Munira Mirza, Executive Director for Culture at King’s College London. The River […]

EVENT | Digital Tools for the Study of Theatre

[three_fourths] How can digital tools be used to study theatre and performance? Join us for a public talk with Miguel Escobar Varela from the National University of Singapore. Digital Tools for the Study of Theatre – Miguel Escobar Varela (National University of Singapore) This talk looks at a range of DH tools to study theatre […]

EVENT | No Business of Yours: How the Large Corporation Swallowed the Future

[three_fourths] When and how did economic growth become such a central concern of democratic political life? How might climate change challenge this conception of politics? Join us for an evening talk with Timothy Mitchell (Columbia University) at King’s College London, co-hosted by the Institute for Policy Research (University of Bath) along with the Department of […]

EVENT | Data that Warms: Remaking our Relations with Data through Commodifying Infrastructural Discard

[three_fourths] What kinds of infrastructures and relations underpin data societies? How is the heat of data streams being harnessed and commodified by data centre operators? How does the commodification of infrastructural discard modify the ways in which we live with and feel data? Join us for a public talk with Julia Velkova (University of Helsinki). […]

EVENT | The Digital Party – Book Launch

[three_fourths] The Centre for Digital Culture invites you to the launch of Paolo Gerbaudo’s new book, The Digital Party: Political Organisation and Online Democracy. From the Five Star Movement to Podemos, from the Pirate Parties to La France Insoumise, from the movements behind Bernie Sanders to those backing Jeremy Corbyn, the last decade has witnessed […]