EVENT | A room of one’s own? Period-trackers as private scopes to escape the stigma of menstruation

[three_fourths] Description Public talk by Amanda Karlsson (Institute of Communication & Culture at Aarhus University) Why do women use period-trackers when they could just as well use a calendar to keep track of their menstrual cycle? What does a period-tracker provide other than a digital management tool and a more natural approach to family planning? […]

EVENT | Data Feminism

[three_fourths] Description How might we draw on feminist critical thought to reimagine data practices and data work? Join us for a public talk with Lauren Klein (Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech) to discuss her recent work on data feminism. Hosted by Jonathan Gray at the Department for Digital Humanities at King’s College London. Public talk by […]

EVENT | The Field Notes Plugin: Making Network Visualization in Gephi Accountable

[three_fourths] Description Public talk by Karin van Es, Daniela van Geenen and Maranke Wieringa (Utrecht Data School, Utrecht University). Hosted by Jonathan Gray, Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London. The hashtag for this event is #kingsdh. The network visualizations humanities scholars and social scientists employ to communicate research findings are often imbrued with a […]