EVENT | A room of one’s own? Period-trackers as private scopes to escape the stigma of menstruation

[three_fourths] Description Public talk by Amanda Karlsson (Institute of Communication & Culture at Aarhus University) Why do women use period-trackers when they could just as well use a calendar to keep track of their menstrual cycle? What does a period-tracker provide other than a digital management tool and a more natural approach to family planning? […]

EVENT | The World (Wide Web) through an App: The Challenges of Smartphone Users in the Global South

[three_fourths] Description Public talk by Elisa Oreglia (King’s College London) In recent years, small networks of traders have started to bring cheap, China-made smartphones to low- and middle-income consumers in the Global South. While this has made smartphones accessible to a population that would not be able to afford them otherwise, it has also brought […]