Creative AI Lab – ‘Aesthetics of New AI’ panel discussion for Frieze Week 2020

What new aspects does the technical framework of machine learning bring to art-making? And conversely, what can artworks that use AI point to in AI research and development? These questions formed the basis for discussion during an online panel event, convened by the Creative AI Lab in collaboration with the NYU Digital Theory H-Lab for […]

Project | Creative AI: Neural Networks at the Gallery

Contemporary art institutions, much like cultural heritage museums around the world, face a process of deep transformation through digitalisation, except that for contemporary art institutions such a process ventures into the material foundations of the artworks themselves: digital technology has become a creative medium for artists, while most recently, Artificial Intelligence, especially machine learning (ML), […]

EVENT | Neurons spike back. The invention of inductive machine and the Artificial intelligence controversy 24.04.19

[three_fourths] Where do the predictive techniques of machine learning come from? How do they draw on previous “connectionist” and “symbolic” approaches in the history of artificial intelligence research? Join us for a public talk with Dominique Cardon (Sciences Po Médialab) at the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London. Neurons spike back. The invention of […]