Joint Statement on Humanist

In early August a post commenting on an essay by the writer Khalid Warsame, was circulated to the recipients of the Humanist email list. This post referred to Warsame’s alleged beliefs about British colonial guilt and made direct reference to ‘casual anti-white racism’. Several members of the list responded to condemn the use of this […]

Recruiting participants for survey study on public perceptions of immunity during Covid-19 pandemic

Dr Btihaj Ajana, Reader in Media and Digital Culture at the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London, would like to invite you to take part in this survey study on immunity in the context of Covid-19. The purpose of this study is to examine public perceptions and understanding of “immunity” during Covid-19 pandemic and […]

EVENT | Social media and state reconstruction in Somalia 13.03.19

[three_fourths] As the fifth talk in the Early Career Research Talks series, Peter Chonka will give a presentation entitled ‘Social media and state reconstruction in Somalia’. If social media is affecting the ways in which ‘strong’ states communicate with citizens, what are the implications of such popular connectivity for states at the other end of […]

Project | After Work: The Fight for Free Time

There is a tension at the heart of contemporary post-work politics. Forms of labour that are conventionally associated with men are explicitly resisted, whilst forms of work more commonly associated with women are valorised. “Masculinized” labour is escaped, whilst “feminized” labour proliferates – all in a fashion that supposedly marks the end of work. Drawing […]