Call for PhD scholarship applications ‘Creative AI as a medium in artistic and curatorial practice’

We are excited to announce a PhD scholarship for research into creative AI in artistic and curatorial practice in collaboration with the Serpentine Gallery funded by LAHP. We welcome applicants from the field of new media studies, art and gallery studies, science and technology studies, scholarship and professional practice in visual and media arts and […]

Curating expertise: Towards an Interdisciplinary Museums Studies Research Agenda at KCL

There has recently been much interest and attention within King’s College London to the field of museum studies. This is hardly surprising: the university sits within one of the richest and most diverse cultural cities in the world, surrounded by gems such as the British Museum, the National Gallery, the V&A, the Soane Museum and […]

Project | Creative AI: Neural Networks at the Gallery

Contemporary art institutions, much like cultural heritage museums around the world, face a process of deep transformation through digitalisation, except that for contemporary art institutions such a process ventures into the material foundations of the artworks themselves: digital technology has become a creative medium for artists, while most recently, Artificial Intelligence, especially machine learning (ML), […]

Project | Distant Reading across Languages (DRaL)

Supported by the Department of Digital Humanities (DDH) at King’s College London, Distant Reading across Languages (DRaL) is a collaborative project between DDH and KDL with a interdisciplinary team, including experts from research software engineering, UI/UX design, computational linguistics, and literary studies. The objective of the project is to experiment with the methods of distant […]

Project | Reframing Art: Opening up Art Dealers’ Archives to Multi-Disciplinary Research

“Reframing Art: Opening up Art Dealers’ Archives to Multi-Disciplinary Research” is centred on a collaboration between the Department of Digital Humanities and King’s Digital Lab at King’s College London and the National Gallery, London, funded by the Cultural Institute at King’s. King’s lead researcher: Stuart Dunn Associated organisations: National Gallery, London, the Getty Foundation, King’s […]

Project | Technologically Fabricated Intimacy

Blending research-­focused and performance-­driven critique, the project addresses the implications of hyper-­connectivity in intimate relations by looking at the mechanics of blockchain technologies applied to dating cultures. Dr Alessandro Gandini  – academic lead Marija Bozinovska Jones  – artistic lead Technologically Fabricated Intimacy – dating apps, gamification and blockchain technologies is a collaboration between King’s College London’s Department of […]

Project | Our Data Ourselves

Our research project “Our Data Ourselves” was an AHRC-funded grant being undertaken at King’s College London in 2013-15, to broadly consider the personal data generate in the everyday lives of young people, through their mediated, cultural and communicative practices. Our aims are to increase our understanding of the nature and role of the data that […]

Project | Digital Food Cultures

This project considers how the ubiquity and specificity of digital culture come into dialogue with food culture (nb. Rousseau 2012). In what ways do routine digital technologies – for instance, social media platforms, smartphone apps and algorithms – contribute to the ethical, political, economic and social registers of cooking and eating? How do these technologies […]

Project | The Fourth Dimension

Frontispiece to Charles Howard Hinton’s 1904 book The Fourth Dimension, illustrating the tesseract, the four-dimensional analog of the cube. Hinton’s spelling varied: also known, as here, “tessaract”. In an 1880 article entitled “What is the Fourth Dimension?”, Hinton suggested that points moving around in three dimensions might be imagined as successive cross-sections of a static […]