CLUB | Cardboard and Code

  Physical computing is a creative framework for understanding our relation with the digital world. In practical terms, this mostly means re-discovering objects and practices that we take for granted by making things, usually some form of electronic bricolage of cardboard and code. With the support of Prof Graeme Earl, I organised our department’s first […]

EVENT | ‘Indisciplinary’ Approaches to Digital Play

[three_fourths] The symposium will explore what is means to undertake interdisciplinary or ‘indisciplinary’ research into digital play. More than this, it aims to showcase the range of research into digital play already underway at King’s and foster cross-departmental collaboration by bringing together staff and PhD students from departments such as the Digital Humanities, English, Culture, […]

EVENT | Monopolies of Intelligence: Questioning the Political Economy of AI 29.05.19

[three_fourths]   A panel discussion with Mercedes Bunz, Nick Srnicek, and Leif Weatherby in collaboration with the Digital Theory Lab, New York University (NYU). Artificial Intelligence systems are being applied to many areas of human life. While AI is heavily debated – hyped as our future saviour, pilloried for their biases – the political economy […]

EVENT | “Good Data” – London book launch + workshop 09.05.19

[three_fourths] Join us for the London launch of the open access Good Data book (Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2019) with editors and authors associated with the book, hosted at the Department for Digital Humanities, King’s College London.   In recent years, there has been an exponential increase in the collection and automated analysis of […]

EVENT | Hacking the museum? Collections makerspaces in London cultural institutions 08.05.19

[three_fourths] How are experimental spaces institutionalised within cultural organisations? Where do spaces for making and hacking come from? Join us for a public talk with Kat Braybrooke (University of Sussex). Hacking the museum? Collections makerspaces in London cultural institutions – Kat Braybrooke (University of Sussex) What kinds of spaces are produced when the radical practices […]

EVENT | Humanities Laboratories: Critical Infrastructures and Knowledge Experiments 23.05.19

Whether physical or digital, or a combination of both, modern laboratories have become places, infrastructures, and frameworks for the Humanities to forge ideas, visions, experiments, and collaborations. The event will revolve around the critical and epistemological roles of humanities labs in supporting and extending academic research and learning beyond traditional classrooms. The event will be […]

EVENT | Intersections of Race, Gender and Class in Vegan Vlogging 19.03.19

[three_fourths] As the sixth talk in the Early Career Research Talks series, Ella Fegitz will give a presentation entitled ‘Intersections of Race, Gender and Class in Vegan Vlogging’. In this talk, I explore the intersection of gender, class and race in the construction of the vegan self in Western culture, and the inequalities that it […]

EVENT | Social media and state reconstruction in Somalia 13.03.19

[three_fourths] As the fifth talk in the Early Career Research Talks series, Peter Chonka will give a presentation entitled ‘Social media and state reconstruction in Somalia’. If social media is affecting the ways in which ‘strong’ states communicate with citizens, what are the implications of such popular connectivity for states at the other end of […]

EVENT | Digital geo-visualisations and the cultural politics of urban (re)development 06.03.19

[one_fourth_last] Date and time Wed 6th March 2019 13:00-14:00 GMT Location Bush House NE 2.02 Strand Campus, King’s College London Strand London WC2R 2LS [/one_fourth_last]