Cultural Experience Award

The Cultural Experience Award aims to provide King’s students with a structured opportunity to explore the unrivaled richness and diversity of arts and culture in London, both on their own and in groups. Through a programme of ideas labs, creative workshops and field trips, participants the Award helps students develop their appreciation of the diversity of cultural events, venues and mediums on offer in London, experiment with a range of techniques for capturing and sharing their experiences, and develop a deeper understanding of how they define culture, why it matters to them, and what they expect from cultural venues and organisations now and in the future.

As part of their experience, each participant creates blog that details how they’ve explored cultural London and provides a channel for reflection on what has caught their attention and why.

Use the links below to read participants’ blog and leave a comment to encourage them or give ideas for how they might continue their voyage of cultural discovery.

Helen Bench

Neighbourhood Culture by Helen Bench

A Worthwhile Visit

A Worthwhile Visit by Tommaso

A Day at Southbank Center

A Day at Southbank Center by Kate Veranoudi




My Cultural London

My Cultural London by Patricia Kane (coming soon!)

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