KOOCs: Tools and platforms beyond KEATS

Following the blog posts written by Elena Hernandez-Martin, who led the team of developers for the KOOCs work (Ready, steady… KOOC (Part 1) and Ready, steady… KOOC (Part 2)), in this blog post, I want  to talk a bit more about the other tools and platforms that were used in the process of developing the KOOCs.

One of the first decisions that was made, was that it made sense that the KOOCs would be hosted on KEATS which is the University’s learning management service (based on Moodle) as both students and academics are familiar with this platform. On the other hand, KEATS is not designed to cater for some specific needs that were essential to the KOOCs’ design (e.g. hosting videos, sharing files, video streaming). Moreover, there were some additional requirements to the project (e.g. access to high quality images, custom webpage design) for which we had to look for some external tools and platforms to use.

KEATS and toolsSo here I will give you a few more details about all the tools and platforms that were used for the KOOC project, along with the reasons why they were selected and the purpose they served. Continue reading

Using video presentations and YouTube for assessment: TEL case study

Rachael Duncan, Pre-sessional Coordinator at the English Language Center, has shared her experience on how she used video presentations and the YouTube video platform for assessment with a group of students from the Russian Academy of Justice.

Students were asked to do a short video presentation focusing on either an aspect of the British culture or their experience of studying in a higher education institution. Then they were told to upload the video onto YouTube and send the video link to Rachael as their submission of their homework. Continue reading

YouTube video editor: A simple free tool to edit videos

Youtube Video Editor

More and more people want to create their own videos, edit and publish them online. Most people are non-technical and would struggle to use any descent video-editing software tool. Also, their video editing requirements are low as they only need to mix and trim some videos and maybe add some titles to them. On top of that, they are not willing to pay any expensive license to buy video-editing software. So what is the answer to their question? I suggest they try the YouTube video editor.

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