Online Examinations

These are some observations on the design and running of formative and summative online examinations. A number of considerations need to be addressed while producing an online examination,  whilst the logistics of the examination is important and in many cases the biggest worry, the pedagogical robustness of the examination is equally important, but not thought through well sometimes. Continue reading

Using KEATS to support student experience initiatives

If technology enhanced learning (TEL) is to be pervasive it should support our education aspirations and help respond to any ongoing challenges. TEL should not be something just used and developed by our educational innovators.

To help such matters, a collection of ideas highlighting the ways in which KEATS might help staff, Departments and Schools with their on-ongoing student engagement and hence student experience initiatives has been produced. The document is particularly framed with reference to the themes and questions of the National Student Survey (NSS). Continue reading

Advice on using a discussion forum

One of the challenges for a Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning is how best to promote the use of technology in ways that are meaningful for the busy academic. It is especially important that we identify what good education looks like, promote appropriate tools whilst avoiding any suggestion that technology per se is the answer to all our educational woes.

Discussion Fora

Continue reading

New KEATS version (v2.4)

Starting on Monday the 8th July KEATS will be upgraded to the latest version. The upgrade will help improve the stability of the system and fix known issues within the software.

As well as improved system performance, there are a number of new features available, such as an improved user interface for tutors and students, and an improved drag and drop file upload functionality. Continue reading