CTEL Blog Analytics (up to April 2015)

This post takes a look at the analytics collected for the blog, from its inception up to April 2015. Metrics include:

  • Overview
  • Device overview
  • Article popularity


An average of around 135 sessions per month, but this number is not accurate since in the beginning the blog was not publicized much. Also, data shows that most of the users accessing the blog are first time visitors.  Continue reading

Analyzing student behaviors

Learning analytics enables tutors to gain useful insights on the behavior of students in the online learning environment. This information can then be utilized to:

  • customize the educational space
  • optimize the learning resources and activities
  • personalize the student experience

Our paper (access it here), published at the international “2nd Moodle Research Conference ” last year, presents an original approach, developed in collaboration with Dr. Cat Grafton from the School of Arts and Humanities, for analyzing the data of users’ behaviors recorded in the KEATS (King’s Moodle) logs.

The main Learning Analytics interface in Microsoft Excel (anonymised)

The main Learning Analytics interface in Microsoft Excel (anonymised)

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